Etimex TC - Automotive products
Etimex TC - Automotive products
Etimex TC - Automotive products


With our co-development capabilities and our precision products we help leading manufacturers every day to enhance their position in the market. Here are just three examples:

  • the steering column sealing with plastic bearing – compensates body tolerances and reduces road noise in the cabin: millions produced by ETIMEX
  • specifically shaped cooling ducts – essential in the complex cooling circuit of Li-Ion batteries and performance electronics in electric vehicles: a contribution to the future from ETIMEX
  • the high-strength, ultra-light roof frame made from carbon fiber – a model-dependent precision part up to three meters in length: developed and manufactured in the blow molding process by ETIMEX

ETIMEX is your contact for the intelligent development of plastic parts in the automotive industry.

Etimex TC - Automotive products


  • Raw air intake ducts
  • Clean air hoses
  • Charge air pipes
  • Blow molded cores for CFRP components
  • Battery cooling channels
  • Filler necks
  • Containers
  • Steering column sealings

We think ahead and allow our automotive customers to develop new products by combining different processes such as blow molding, elastomer and injection molding.
In doing so we cover various applications and live up to the highest expectations including the complete development phase from a concept to the final product. Our production equipment is capable of producing various kinds of parts with special sizes.

What are your requirements?
We would be pleased to develop products with you that are tailored precisely to your individual needs.

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