Etimex TC - Home appliances products
Etimex TC - Home appliances products
Etimex TC - Home appliances products


Our products assist with the flow of air and water in home appliances through customized assemblies, channels, ducts and systems. These are part of ETIMEX's core competencies. We develop solutions together with our customers and produce high performance parts in production using mainly our blow molding and injection molding technology. Our ideas can lead to more efficient products that help to a consumers decision to purchase the end product. E.g. our easy-to-use containers, filled with detergent and packed at ETIMEX in a single operation, dedicated for premium washing machines.

ETIMEX develops your products to the end-users requirements and sparks ideas to be successful in tight markets.

Etimex TC - Home appliances products


  • Water management and drying systems for dishwashers
  • Water tanks
  • Water inlets
  • Heat exchangers and condensers made of plastic
  • Water management systems for washing machines
  • Air ducts for washer-dryers
  • Condensate tanks for laundry dryers
  • Detergent-filled tanks for washing machines
  • Gasoline and oil tanks for garden appliances
  • Air, water lines and empty pipes for sanitary areas

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