ETIMEX PRIMARY PACKAGING GmbH develops and produces films, sheets and containers made of various plastic materials for applications in packaging solutions in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as films for technical applications.
ETIMEX TECHNICAL COMPONENTS GmbH is a supplier of customised blow-moulded and injection-moulded parts and assemblies. For over 30 years, we have been providing the leading automotive and appliance OEMs (white goods) with technically sophisticated, seamlessly 3D blow-moulded parts, plastic assemblies and rubber components.


  • Founded in 1950
  • 6 plants
  • 830 employees
  • EUR 160 million turnover/year
  • 5 technologies within the ETIMEX GROUP
  • Global sales network

The 6 ETIMEX plants in Europe and the USA

  • Rottenacker, Germany: Appliances
  • Dietenheim, Germany: Packaging
  • Waltershausen, Germany: Automotive
  • Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany: Automotive
  • Hranice, Czech Republic: Automotive
  • Charlotte, NC, USA: Appliances/Automotive


ETIMEX implements together with you high-quality packaging solutions for food, pet food, baby food, convenience, pharmaceutical and technical products. With our highly committed and experienced team, we guarantee maximum flexibility and efficiency.

We apply cutting-edge technologies in the following production stages

  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection moulding
  • IML (In-Mould-Labelling) We guide our customers from the initial idea through Design development
  • Prototype manufacturing (3D)
  • Pilot tools manufacturing
  • Toolmaking all the way to
  • Production and delivery


We promote the success of your products with individual and attractive packaging solutions.