The ETIMEX quality and hygiene management in production is monitored and audited by independent certification bodies. Numerous customer audits confirm our high standard and the continuous improvement in the areas of hygiene and quality.

The high demands of the food industry are our minimum benchmark. ETIMEX has been certified for many years not only to ISO 9001:2015, but also to the BRC/ IoP standard.

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare product area, we produce in a "GMP Grade D" clean room.



ETIMEX relies on comprehensive quality controls, starting with worker self-monitoring and extending to continuous inline checks of the processes. Numerous laboratory tests on the finished products ensure compliance with the high-quality standard. Various analytical tests, such as measuring the melt flow index (MFI) or the DSC or performing IR spectroscopy, guarantee the reproducibility of our production.

Functional measurements like sealed seam strength, cold crack resistance, shape retention and dimensional stability are elements of our in-house quality control. Independent institutes regularly test and certify the food safety of our products, in particular through migration measurements.

Our quality is governed by consumer health and smooth processing in your processes.